some favorite things

I have been trying to take more pictures of things that inspire me or that I love. Here are a few…

I really like the vinyl type on this window. The play of thick and thin strokes is great. It doesn’t hurt that it is surrounded by amazingly large bright balls.

I like the fur and the print on this long vintage coat.

This sequined skirt is at a store near my job in soho. When I walked by my eyeballs fell out and I knew I had to take a picture. Sorry the bottom one is so blurry.

This is a tree that is only two houses down from my APT. It looks so much like the leaves and branches I’ve been drawing, but I haven’t directly referenced it. I only noticed it walking back the other day from my studio. I believe that the environment, whether it be a soho skirt display or a tree on the street, really works into the subconscious.


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