Launching A Golden Gram: Your Singing Telegram Service

Hi Friends,
Happy New Year! On January 9th, 2012, My boyfriend Adam and I are launching A Golden Gram: Your Singing Telegram Service. Our New York-based company combines the intimate experience of Singing Telegrams of yesteryear with a classically-trained singer of today. While we don’t don Marilyn Wigs and Gorilla Suits (at least not outside the apartment), Adam will show up in bow-tie and pitch pipe in hand to deliver your message. We believe a simple song, a handmade card, and a well-dressed crooner are all you need to create your beautiful moment. Watch our new trailer to see what we’re all about.


For $100, your loved one receives:
a song from our special list (sung by Adam)
a handmade card (created by Matthew)
a spoken message (written by you)

If you like what you see join us on Facebook and Twitter to get discounts, behind-the-scenes photos, and possibly a drag-gram at some point (One of these days…)


Phone: (866) 473-7431


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