Transform Platform, drawing by Matthew de Leon

Daystar, Transform Platform | public art proposal drawing

Transform Platform, drawing by Matthew de Leon
Daystar, Transform Platform (Public Art Proposal drawing)
colored pencil and pencil on paper
8 x 10 inches

This is a new drawing for a public art proposal I want to make at some point in the future. I’ve never made a public art piece, or anything that has required a big budget / renderings / grant writing, but would love to get into it for the right projects. This piece is called “Daystar, The Transform Platform”, the title references the poem of the same name by Rita Dove, which is one of my sources of inspiration.

Daystar, The Transform Platform is to be situated at some line between spaces, right now I imagine it at the door or exit out of a transit station. The piece is a white platform, that has a wide circular bottom that narrows at the top. The piece is meant for one participant at a time. When the participant stands on the platform they are then enveloped by a growing plume of colored smoke until they are completey covered and hidden. The viewer remains until the smoke has cleared and steps down, concluding the piece.

Daystar, The Transform Platform is about creating a solitary moment in a place where you are on the verge of change. In a billowing cloud of magic there is the opportunity to become, or to just be. The moment, while referencing magicians, wizards, and witches, is not one for escape, but of an establishment of the self on your own terms. The cloud becomes a haven, a creative space, a rejuvenator, a respite. The poem, Daystar, (Video link to Rita Dove reading the poem), beautifully recounts this type of time in the middle of the day, where the protagonist reaches pure nothingness.

I see the piece being installed at some grand train station in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, or if in the U.S., there is the Beverly train station in Brooklyn, which straddles the line between a gorgeous historic Victorian house neighborhood and a block of current day prewar brick apartment buildings. I find this space as a very stunning and affecting mind/physical location that would suit the inbetween feeling of the piece.


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