Color Witch drawing by Matthew de Leon

Color Witch drawing made during Hurricane Sandy

Color Witch drawing by Matthew de Leon

The Color Witch (Color Climax)
Colored pencil and graphite on paper
8 x 10 inches

Hurricane Sandy has provided a good time to be productive and work on some drawings. I am very excited about this piece, as I have been thinking of this project for some time. “The Color Witch” is a piece I would like to create in either a live action video or in an animation form, I’ve been debating for awhile on how to approach it. This drawing is a sketch for a pivotal scene in the narrative. In “The Color Witch” a white witch (me) is hunted down by evil blue gummy sharks. The witch, in defense goes into a state of levitation where she bursts and blooms into color, incinerating her foes, and herself. The piece works with themes of persecution, gender, resolve, self-doubt, and ultimately self-empowerment. These are archetypes and  ideas I’ve been interested in, for some time now. This drawing makes me feel like I would like to do an animation-drawing style approach to this piece, but we’ll see what happens!


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